My Work

Angularjs 1.6.6. Built Family Cookbook


View and edit shared family recipes with your cooking network! (not fully functional)

  • Angularjs
  • Bootstrap
  • Responsive Layout
  • JSON

Pulp Fiction Lorem Ipsum

Pulp Fiction Lorem Ipsum using JavaScript

Create Pulp Fiction themed Lorem Ipsum! I used JavaScript to build the foundation and I am currently translating it into node.js

  • CSS Animation
  • jQuery Functions
  • JavaScript Functions
  • Responsive Layout
  • (in progress) node.js

Magical Squares

Magical Squares by Jesse Rountree

This is a site I built to showcase jQuery and JavaScript effects with a user interface.

  • jQuery mouseover and click effects
  • JavaScript user interface
  • Random color generator

My CSS Library

CSS Library

This is a CSS Library I made to showcase my knowledge in different CSS concepts. It is a purely CSS driven site with no Javascript, jQuery, or any other library or framerwork.

  • Fully Responsive
  • CSS Animations
  • Flexbox
  • Parallax Shift

Portfolio: Marissa Hutchins - Caricature Artist

Caricature Artist Portfolio Marissa Hutchins

An In Progress portfolio site for a talented Caricature Artist

  • Fixed Header Navigation
  • jQuery animations
  • Responsive Mobile First Design
  • Instagram Feed (In Progress)
  • Image Upload (In Progress)
  • PayPal integration (In Progress)

"Jesse was a great coworker and teammate. He is a very hard worker, has a great sense of humor but also knows when to be serious when needed. Very dependable and helpful. I am glad I got to work alongside him and the rest of the web dev team members at Omni. Quick learner as well. Great with finding solutions on his own."


About Me

I graduated with honors receiving a Bachelor's Degree in Media Arts & Animation. It was in school that I discovered my passion for web development and programming. After exploring the world of animation, I decided to pursue a career that utilizes my passion for problem solving, creation, and continual learning, and taught myself HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Wordpress, and many other libraries to become a Front End Developer.

I am a veteran. My military background keeps me diciplined, professional, and able to work diligently even in highstress scenarios.

To become a Front End Developer, I worked through the Front End Development courses provided by Treehouse. I am currently in the Full-Stack JavaScript course.

Completed Course Work

My Full Course Achievements